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Locksmith production

The production process beginss at equipped workplaces by our skilled workers. Parts come back to these workplaces during the production process due to inter-operational and finishing work.



Our welding shop has welding units pro methods of MIG/MAG, TIG and resistance welding including mechanical handling equipment. The serving staff is certified according to the EN ISO 9606-1. All of this in accordance with welding procedure qualification according to the EN ISO 15614-1 corresponding to customer's requirements.


Exact dimensions we ensure in our machine park which consists for example are vertical machining center, horizontal boring machine, numeric lathe.


Surface treatment

In our equipped painting shop we apply the necessary anticorrosion protection even for the most demanding ocean conditions and also will  satisfy demanding reqirements for the good appearance.



Products, we assembly in our assembly workplace and eventually we will breathe life into them.




In cooperation with our business partners, we can expand the range of technologies with other specific options.

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